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National Cheng Kung University

Department of Business Administration

Rules & Regulation for Undergraduate Program


[99 Academic Year]


The required courses for this program are exclusively restricted to students enrolled in the Business Administration program.

Undergraduate Program: Credits

A total of 128 credits is required before graduation.
    *Common Required Courses: 28 credits
    *Core Required Courses: 48 credits
    *Elective Courses: 52 credits

1. Students have to take courses according to the schedule listed by the Department. Students can not take the core required courses in other departments or in an advanced level, with the exception when the student has failed a course and the schedule has conflict with the course to be re-taken.

2. The credits students can enroll each semester range from 16 to 25 in the first three years, and 9 to 25 in the fourth year.

3. Only the fourth-year students are entitled to enroll up to 6 credits in the Continuous Study Program every semester.

4. Students in second to fourth year are open to enroll up to 24 credits of courses in other departments.

5. English Proficiency Verification Prior to Graduation (English Exit Exam):
  [1] Acceptable English proficiency tests are listed below with the passing score (B2 level):
    *GEPT – High-Intermediate Level (First stage: listening & reading)
    *TOEFL iBT – 87 or above
    *Cambridge Main Suite First (FCE)
    *IELTS – Rate 5.5 or above
    *TOEIC – 785 or above

  [2] After passing the above score, go online to http://score.ncku.edu.tw/engcert/login.php and print out the processing sheet, bring alone with the original score certificate to the Department Office in the beginning of the fourth year (deadline: 4/30).

  [3] Students who are unable to pass any of the listed English Proficiency Examinations before the beginning of the fourth year will need to take "Remedial English" course that is counted as zero credit in order to be qualified for graduation.


Summary of Courses Requirement

Course Type & Credits Course Title & Information
Common Required Courses
[28 credits]
1. Language Courses 語文課程 [8 credits]:
    1) Chinese 國文 [4 credits] – each semester (2 credits) in the first year
    2) English 英文 [4 credits] – each semester (1 credit) in the first and second year

2. Interdisciplinary general education跨領域通識 [Min. 14 credits; Max.19 credits]:
    1) Humanities人文學 (min. 2 credits)
    2) Social Sciences 社會科學 (min. 2 credits)
    3) Nature and Engineering Sciences 自然與工程科學 (min. 2 credits)
    4) Life Sciences and Health 生命科學與健康 (min. 2 credits)
    5) General education that are the same as the core courses in BA dept. will not be admitted for credits.

3. Comprehensive general education 融合通識 [Min. 1 credits; Max. 6 credits]:
    1) Leadership Forum 通識領袖論壇
    2) Living Practice 通識教育生活實踐
Core Required Courses
[48 credits]

Year 1:
    1) Accounting 會計學 (1)-(2)
    2) Economics 經濟學 (1)-(2)
    3) Calculus 微積分 (1)-(2)
    4) Management 管理學

Year 2:
    1) Statistics 統計學 (1)-(2)
    2) Financial Management 財務管理
    3) Marketing Management 行銷管理
    4) Organizational Behavior 組織行為

Year 3:
1) Operations Management 作業管理
2)Human Resource Management 人力資源管理
3) Management Information System 管理資訊系統
Year 4:
     1) Business Policy 企業政策

Elective Courses
[52 credits]
Including the following categories:
    1) Organization & Strategies 組織與策略
    2) Marketing Management 行銷管理
    3) Finance, Economics 財務經濟
    4) Operational Management 營運與研發
    5) Human Resource Management 人力資源管理
    6) Information & Technology Management 資訊與科技管理
Physical Education
[0 credits]
Students are required to take 4 semesters of physical education [0 credit] in the first and second year.
Notes A total of 128 credits & English Exit Exam are required to graduate.